Saturday, November 16th, Vans Baltic Skateboarding League Finals will take place at “G-Tiim” skatepark in Riga, Latvia.

Best riders from each of Baltic countries will compete for the title of Vans Baltic Skateboarding League Champion 2019 in 4 different groups – beginners, amateurs, girls, Pro-open. Each of the participant countries have had their own skateboarding championships during this years competition season and the best have been selected to participate in VBSL finals. Bellow are the contestants in each group.


Competition time and place

Saturday, November 16th, Vans Baltic Skateboarding League Finals will take place at “G-Tiim” skatepark in Riga, Latvia, Baldones Street 1, LV-1007. The registration and beginner group warm-ups start at 11:00.

Competition management

VBSL Finals are organized by Latvian Skateboarding Federation in association with Lithuanian Skateboarding Federation, Tartu Skateboarding School and Riga Skateboarding School.


 The top 6 riders in each group from each participant countries can compete in Vans Baltic Skateboarding League finals. The top six riders are selected accordingly to competition results in their country that particular year.

Competition groups

Beginners – age till 13 (including);

Amateurs – age from 14 till 17 (including);

Pro-open group all ages allowed;

Girl group – all ages.

If riders age have changed in a way that he/she have to change the group between the qualifying events and the final, the rider must compete in the group in which he/she started the season.


Riders will have to register for the VBSL finals at the skatepark, providing the necessary registration form and paying the registration fee. The registration will start at 11:00 and at 12:00 the competition will begin with the beginner group.

Registration fee

Registration fee for the VBSL finals are 5 Euro for Beginner, Amateur and Girl group and 10 Euro for Pro-group.

Competition Format

The competition will happen in accordance to the ISF (International Skateboarding federation) rules and two of WS (World Skate) provided competition formats will be used.

Beginner and Amateur group will have jam session type qualifying runs with 2 riders skating for 2 minutes. The best 8 will advance to finals where each rider will have two one minute runs.

Pro-open and Girls group – qualification will be in jam session format with with 2 riders skating for 2 minutes. The finals will be in SLS (Street League Skateboarding) type of format with each rider having two runs and 5 best trick attempts.

Judging criteria

The competition will be judged by 3 certified judges, one of each country. The judging criteria will be adjusted for each group. Beginner and amateur group runs will be judged in scale of 1 to 100, but girl and Pro-open group runs and tricks will be judged from 1 to 10.


The top 3 of each group will receive prizes from Vans, Boards.lv and other sponsors.

Pro-open group riders in addition to prizes from the sponsors will also receive cash prizes:

1st place – 200 EUR

 2nd place – 150 EUR

 3rd place – 100 EUR


Par savu veselības stāvokli un pasākuma laikā gūtajiem savainojumiem atbildību uzņemas katrs, sacensību dalībnieks, to apliecinot ar savu parakstu reģistrācijas ietvaros, kā arī piedaloties pasākumā. Organizatori iesaka lietot visu  aizsarginventāru.

Each and every contestant during the competition takes full responsibility of his actions and is aware of potential risks and injuries that can happen. Each contestant acknowledges his responsibility and understanding by signing the registration form. The competition organizers suggest using all protective gear.


Contestants younger than 18 must use a helmet during the competition, or should present an specially written note from parents or guardian that he/she can not use a helmet. Not complying with these rules can result in disqualification.

Doping control

If the participant is drunk or under the influence of any narcotic substances he will be disqualified.

Doping control is caried out by Sport medicine agency’s doping controllers.

Any contestant can be randomly selected for a doping control.

Doping control is carried out according to World Anti doping codex.

Every contestant must print out and fill out the participant application (for those under the age of 18, the application is filled out by parent or guardian.) THE APPLICATION CAN BE FOUND HERE!

Huge thanks to the organizers Latvian Skateboarding federation, Lithuanian Skateboarding Federation, Tartu Skateboarding School and Riga Skateboarding School, as well as the sponsors VANS, Boards.lv, Monster Energy, Element, Tartu Bussikeskus, G-Tiim skatepark and skeits.lv